Prayer Guidelines

For 100 days we at Cross Church are dedicating ourselves to prayer and fasting as a family. The purpose of this 100 days is to go deeper in abiding with God by seeking Him for everything and consecrate ourselves, and our church to Him in our 7th year of ministry.  We are believing God to not only answer our request during this period but to provide more clarity to our calling both individually and as a church body.


Prayer is a critical part of this program. In addition to the prayer focus provided in the 100 days guide, please pray daily for our nation, community, Cross Church family and its leaders, as well as unsaved souls. Finally, pray for yourself and all that you’re seeking God for in your life. We recommend you set aside at least 15-30 minutes per day for time with God which should include the following: 
  • Silent Meditation: Take 2-minutes to prepare yourself for what God is about to say
  • Read a scripture and devotion 
  • Personal time of prayer
  • Silent Meditation: Take 2-minutes to allow God to speak to you. 
  • Reflections: Write down your reflections, thoughts and what you heard from God. 


Fasting is about sacrificing something to sharpen our focus on God’s will, word, and direction for our personal lives as well as the collective group of believers here at Cross Church.

During the program, we ask all participants to fast by sacrificially giving up something of significant importance to you (food, social media, certain activities, etc). Please make adjustments for any medical or dietary restrictions.


  • Facebook Live Prayer Time - Daily at 7:30AM 
  • Prayer Gatherings - Monthly 
  • Mid-Day Prayer - Tuesdays / Thursdays at 11AM-1PM
  • Right Now Media 
  • Pre, Post & In-Service Prayer - Sundays 

Weekly Prayer Focus