We want you to belong to the family of God by connecting with Him, His church, and become a fully developed follower of Christ. Our goal is to walk with you as you take your next step of  faith in Jesus Christ.

What Are My Nextsteps?

At Cross Church we've identified the following as foundational nextsteps of faith in Jesus Christ.


Become a Christ follower by inviting Jesus to come into your life.


Go public with your faith by being baptized. Baptism is always done after salvation, publicly and by immersion in water. 


Christianity, is not a solo sport. That’s why the local church exists. The church is a place where everyone can belong. You do that by becoming a covenant member meaning you have a family at Cross Church.


One of the ways you experience life-change in Jesus Christ comes from growing in groups. Groups is where you do life with others and grow together in  faith.  



Christianity is also not a spectator sport . You are all called and gifted to get involved in the work of the church. You can do that by serving with other believers at church and in the community.
The mission to reach to lost is for everyone in the church. As you go, share what God is doing in your life and invite others to experience God at Cross Church.  
Click the link and let us know what Nextstep you want to take today!  

Not Sure What's Next?  

 If you need help identifying what your Nextstep is and how you need to grow in your faith, then click  the spiritual reflection link below.  The spiritual reflection tool  is a survey intended to help you determine your Nextstep.  Once completed, our Growth Pastor with connect with you on your next steps.